Final spectrum of star Vega through RSpec 100 transmission grating and Orion 80x400 ST80 telescope with Canon 450D camera, corrected for rotation and slant, 20 second exposure at ISO 100 with tin foil reduced aperture to about 30 mm to reduce light influx. Star drifted to stretch spectrum vertically. BASS software used to reduce the image to a spectrum. Next the instrument response using the A0v reference spectra was used to divide out the instrument response, and then a continuum curve was drawn on the response corrected spectra to produce this flat spectrum. Spectrum appears to be good from about 380 to 680 nm. Hydrogen alpha, beta, gamma, delta lines seen, and maybe the Na (I) line. Dispersion with setup Canon T-ring, 1.25inch telescope adapter, RSpec-100 screwed into telescope end of 1.25 adapter-inserted into telescope and focused on spectra from Citiplex building top lights appears to be 0.638 nm/pixel. Calibration found from center of star image set at 0 nm and dispersion of 0.638 nm/pixel used. A one point dispersion calibration was used.